Javiera Olivares Rojas

PhD student

Javiera is a PhD candidate working on how we can improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of different decision support frameworks to manage threatened biodiversity. She aims to evaluate the complementarities and trade-offs of focusing conservation management on a single-species approach, an ecosystem approach, or the use of surrogate species such as umbrella species; assess the feasibility to delist threatened ecological communities by restoring their geographic distribution; and by formally incorporating the use of scientific evidence into decision support tools, more specifically the theory of change framework.

Javiera completed her BSc (Hons) in 2017 at the University of Chile, analysing the seasonal variations of GHG fluxes from organic soils in the south of Chile, and assessing the applicability of a mechanistic model to simulate these fluxes. Her interests focus on conservation management, ecological restoration, and how scientific knowledge can help make better decisions for public policies in natural resources management and climate change matters, leading to sustainable development.

Main research themes

  • Ecosystem-based management
  • Evidence-based conservation
  • Prioritizaton