Clare Bracey

Research assistant

Clare is a research assistant currently working on a rapid review to assess the effectiveness of conservation actions in managing peatlands and woodlands. This review is aimed at providing evidence for managers and policy makers. Whilst rapid reviews are conventionally used as a tool for evidence-based decision making in medicine, this project also aims to determine benefits of rapid reviews as a tool for environmental management. 

Prior to her work as a research assistant, Clare completed her Bachelor of Science with Honours in Ecology and Conservation Biology at Monash University. Her project focussed on assessing the benefits of revegetation sites for reptiles in north-east Victoria. Revegetation projects often focus on enhancing habitat for birds, yet it is also important to evaluate the value of revegetation sites for other fauna groups. Clare’s interests focus on habitat restoration, wildlife conservation management and evidence-based conservation. 

Main research themes

  • Evidence-based conservation
  • Threatened ecosystems