Jau-Yi Wang

Masters student, 2020

Jau-Yi is enrolled in Master of Environmental Science and Sustainability, specialising in Environmental Security. Her master research project focuses on how the climate change impacts on post-disturbed secondary rainforests especially the liana-invertebrate interaction in heavily disturbed forests. The work involves fieldwork and surveying invertebrate detritivore communities in coastal forests based in northern Queensland. This is a collaborative project with A/Prof Andrew Marshall in University of Sunshine Coast, A/Prof Martin Burd at Monash University, and will provide ground knowledge on post-disturbance forest herbivory behaviour and forest recovery management.

Jau-Yi has worked and been trained as an experimental physicist specialised in biomedical physics with various research experiences in studying biomaterials and applications in clinical studies. She completed her PhD at the University of Nottingham, UK in 2009  and her PhD project was to study human lung function for early diagnosis of abnormal respiratory patterns with the system development of respiratory gas analyser. She has also held two postdoctoral research associates and a research fellow position in Kings College London, University of the Sheffield and University of Exeter. Her previous research experiences include studying the biomechanics and electrical properties of human and animal tissues, further development of high-speed sample scanner used in high-speed atomic force microscopy for polymer crystallisation imaging, and using multi-photon microscopy to study structural damage on collagen fibres from spinal needle punctuation in intervertebral discs.

Jau-Yi decided to change her career into environmental science at the end of 2018 and relocated in Australia. She is passionate about forest recovery and reforestation, with deep concern in climate change and how it will impact the biodiversity and forest ecology.

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Main research themes

  • Conservation ecology